Bad Panda Records

Un pequeño regalo de mi a los de Barna.

I miss you!

a free culture has been our past, but it will only be our future if we change the path we are on right now. a free culture is not a culture without property; it is not a culture in which artists don’t get paid. a culture without property, or in which creators can’t get paid, is anarchy, not freedom. anarchy is not what i advance here. instead, the free culture that i defend is a balance between anarchy and control. a free culture, like a free market, is filled with property. it is filled with rules of property and contract that get enforced by the state. not just as a free market is perverted if its property becomes feudal, so too can a free culture be queered by extremism in the property rights that define it. what is what i fear about our culture today.

a simple idea blinds us, and under the cover of darkness, much happens that most of us would reject if any of us looked. so uncritically do we accept the idea of property in ideas that we don’t even notice how monstrous it is to deny ideas to a people who are dying without them. so uncritically do we accept the idea of property in culture that we don’t even question when the control of that property removes our ability, as a people, to develop our culture democratically. blindness becomes our common sense. and the challenge for anyone who would reclaim the right to cultivate our culture is to find a way to make this common sense open its eyes. so far, common sense sleeps. there is no revolt. common sense does not yet see what there could be to revolt about.

we can carry a free culture into the twenty-first century, without artists losing and without the potential of digital technology being destroyed. common sense must revolt. it must act to free culture. soon, if this potential is ever to be realized.

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  1. yeha! i miss you too!

    fa ja uns dies, a raó de l’anunci de la Lucía impresentable Etxebarria de deixar d’escriure per les descàrregues il·legals de la seva obra (quan té dues demandes perdudes per plagi, manda cojones), des del blog/revista Orsai li van dedicar un article meravellós sobre com ells entenen el nou món de la cultura:


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